Circus Jam

Run away to Natimuk and join the Circus!

TERM 1 – 1 Feb – 28 March 2024




Hula and juggle your blues away.

Or maybe even roll around on the mats!

Circus Jam is here!

The elephants may have left town, and rightly so, but the humans are here for this circus.

Circus Jam is open for all, young, old and everything in between. In a caring and supportive environment, feel free to play at whatever your level or ability.

It’s a fun weekly get together where we can all learn new skills and catch up with others from the community. What can you expect? There will be hula hoops, juggling scarves, balls and clubs, skipping ropes, crash mats and music! The space is open for you to explore and play.

Our most fantabulous circus heros and Nati residents, No Mi and Dawa of Wobbly Spoon will be there to run the jam and can guide you in whatever you might like to try your hand at or extend your practice.

Importantly, it is a safe place for all to feel welcome and encouraged.

Check out our pics below.

Want to chat and ask any questions? Drop No Mi and Dawa a line at


Splash of Circus was our first circus program aimed at youth during the onset of the Covid pandemic and supported by a Vic Health grant. It enabled the youth an opportunity to engage with their friends in a safe way in person, and during isolation periods, the program continued via online workshops. They continued to develop their skills, made circus equipment from materials at hand and with No Mi and Dawa, created the Natibat Circus film.

Splash of Circus inspired us with its success, feedback was fantastic and we knew we could continue developing the circus skills program into a model that was open to a larger demographic.

Check out the video below to see the Splash of Circus Natibat Circus crew sharing their amazing circus skills!

A Splash of Circus is delivered by Wobbly Spoon in partnership with ACT Natimuk. This project has been supported by the Horsham Rural City Council’s Covid-19 Support Grants and VicHealth, Reimagining Health Grants

Many thanks to Horsham Rural City Council for support of Circus Club/Jam through the Community Development Grants program 22/23