Palais de Pixel

Palais de Pixel was started by Melissa Morris and is now run by Lynne Quick, Ying He and Elaine Uebergang. Formerly held in the Natimuk Soldiers Memorial Hall, Palais de Pixel now calls Nc2 (Natimuk Community Centre) home.

Held on the second Monday of every month from February to November, ‘Palais’ aims to deliver a program of new and old films from around the world.

Location: NC2 Natimuk
Time: Refreshments from 7:00pm, Film from 7:30pm
Membership: $55 (10 films) / Trial Membership $25 (3 films)

Melissa Morris, Elaine Uebergang and Lynne Quick – 10th Anniversary of Natimuk Film Society ‘Palais de Pixel’

The 2020 program

Update: April 9, 2020

Due to CoVid19 and the current suspension of the 2020 Palais de Pixel season, we would like to offer members the option of carrying your full membership forward to our 2021 season. If you would rather receive a refund, please contact us and we will organise this.

You are still very welcome to borrow films from our collection Palais DVD Library
Dig deep into the archives – you could find yourself a new favourite (or not!).

Take care,
Lynne, Elaine & Ying

February 10th Wajib

Abu Shadi is a divorced father and a school teacher in his mid-60s living in Nazareth. After his daughter’s wedding in one month he will be living alone. Shadi, his architect son, arrives from Rome after years abroad to help his father to hand-deliver the wedding invitations to each guest, which is the local Palestinian custom. As the estranged pair spend the day together, the tense details of their relationship come to a head challenging their fragile and very different lives.

March 9th The Song Keepers

In the churches of remote Central Australia, a 140-year musical legacy of ancient Aboriginal languages, German sacred hymns and baroque music is being preserved by four generations of women that make up the Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir. With their charismatic conductor, the choir embarks on an historical tour of Germany, to take back the baroque hymns brought to their great grandparents by German Lutherans but in their own Western Arrarnta and Pitjantjatjara languages. Together these remarkable women take their music and stories of cultural survival, identity and cross-cultural collaboration to the world.

April 13th The Lobster

There is no chance that you will see a film as weird as ‘The Lobster’ this whole year. In what is effectively an indie art-house piece, you get a completely insane and almost unfathomable world filled with more and more absurdities everywhere you look. After his wife leaves him, David is transported to a hotel where he has to find a partner in 45 days, failing which he will be converted into an animal of his liking: in this case a Lobster!

May 11th Jirga

An Australian soldier who accidentally kills a civilian returns to Afghanistan to help the man’s family. The film was shot under extreme circumstances, in dangerous locations and with assistance from the local people of Afghanistan. ‘Jirga’ movingly depicts the weight of a soldier’s grief – and the human capacity for change and forgiveness in the wake of awful tragedy.

June 8th Monsieur Mayonnaise

‘Monsieur Mayonnaise’ is an artist’s epic adventure into his family’s secret past. Australian artist and film-maker, Philippe Mora, investigates his father’s clandestine role in the French Résistance in World War II and his mother’s miraculous escape enroute to Auschwitz. Philippe, a Hollywood cult-horror movie director and pop-artist, adopts a Film Noir persona to tell his family’s story. He also packs his paints and easel, as he embarks on a journey to create an audacious comic book about his parents, their survival and the Holocaust. ‘Monsieur Mayonnaise’ is a richly layered, road movie starring artists, real life heroes, Nazi villains … and baguettes with lashings of tasty French mayonnaise!

July 13th The Last Waltz

The concert for ‘The Last Waltz’ happened Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 1976. It was advertised as The Band’s “farewell concert appearance.” For their last show, The Band brought out Neil Young, Ronnie Hawkins, Dr. John, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Muddy Waters, Neil Diamond, Bobby Charles, Paul Butterfield, Ringo Starr, Ronnie Wood and Eric Clapton. They also convinced Bob Dylan, who had a long history with The Band, to perform in front of the cameras. A rock documentary by Martin Scorsese.

August 10th Backtrack Boys

A group of troubled boys are on a perilous course towards jail until they meet up with the free-wheeling jackaroo, Bernie Shakeshaft, and hit the road with his legendary dog jumping team. This observational documentary, filmed over two years, follows boys in a youth program that Bernie runs from a shed on the outskirts of Armidale, a rural town in Australia. On the road, the boys find their voice, make great friendships and the dogs become national champions. But as the boys sleep under the stars at night the trauma is never too far away.

September 14th Cinema Paradiso

Director Giuseppe Tornatore’s bittersweet, Oscar-winning film focuses on the effect that cinema had on the inhabitants of a small Sicilian village during World War II. After receiving news of the death of his old friend Alfredo, a famous movie director returns to his home village after spending 30 years away. In flashback, he recalls his fatherless childhood, his fascination with the films he saw at the local cinema and his adventures with Alfredo, the cinema’s projectionist.

October 12th Fisherman’s Friends

‘Fisherman’s Friends’ sees a fast-living, cynical London music executive heading to a remote Cornish village on a stag weekend, where he’s pranked by his boss into trying to sign a group of shanty singing fishermen. He becomes the ultimate ‘fish out of water’, as he struggles to gain the respect or enthusiasm of the unlikely boy band and their families who value friendship and community over fame and fortune. As he is drawn deeper into the traditional way of life, he is forced to re-evaluate his own integrity and ultimately question what success really means.

November 9th Okuribito (Departures)

Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Language Film, ‘Departures’ is a delightful journey into the heartland of Japan as well an astonishingly beautiful look at a sacred part of Japan’s cultural heritage. ‘Departures’ follows Daigo, a devoted cellist in an orchestra that has just been dissolved and is suddenly left without a job. Daigo answers a classified ad entitled “Departures”, thinking it is an advertisement for a travel agency. He experiences a profound and sometimes comical journey as he uncovers the wonder, joy and meaning of life and living.