MARP – Malaysia Australia Raft Project Festival Weekend, The Verj

In the lead up to a possibly shambolic journey down the Wimmera River on an improvised raft, MARP will embed itself in a tent or two at the Frinj.

On a harmonium with a choir of 200 sheep and performer Tony Yap, singer- songwriter Kavisha Mazzella will deconstruct her refugee anthem All God’s Beggars, co-written with Storyteller and author Arnold Zable in 2002.

Kavisha also joins with other former collaborators Soong Ro Ger, Frank Tagliabue, Trevor Flinn, Anthony Pelchen and Robert Millar, inspired by Roger’s 2012 Malaysian raft odyssey into an endangered rainforest with his cousin Andy Lim Kah Meng.

MARP is a Hi-Vis maroon meltdown of song, music, video, cooking, drawing and an unregistered contemporary Shaman … it’s a call to the Gods, and the owls, for reconciliation of the possibly irreconcilable and a celebration of those who we meet along the way.

MARP – Performances The Verj

Sat 6:30am – 6:50am

See in the day and the festival to the sounds of a harmonium returning to its Lutheran roots and witness the sublime slipping into the ridiculous via a compelling performance from Kavisha Mazzella and Tony Yap.

Bring along a picnic breakfast and blanket…the kettle will be on and we can all share food after the performance.

Additional performances

Sat 4pm – 4:20pm and Sun 1:30pm – 1:50pm