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Welcome to the website of ACT Natimuk (aka Arapiles Community Theatre Inc.)

ACT Natimuk  has an auspicious history as an organisation that has supported performing arts within the Natimuk community for many years. There have been many highly successful musical theatre productions that have resulted in the staging of quality entertainment that has been well supported by the Natimuk populace. ACT has decided to use the name ACT Natimuk to represent the changed nature of the organisation and that over the last 15 years it has extended its vision to support arts in a variety of genres including disciplines such as the dance, visual arts and film. ACT Natimuk provides this support through three platforms:

Image: Dusk, Silo performance, Nati Frinj 2017. Produced by Y Space. Photo by Michelle McFarlane Photography

2 thoughts on “ACT Natimuk

  1. Vanessa Case

    Hi guys Congratulations on the RCC commission! As a local artist I would like to express my interest in being involved in your event!!

    1. wpAdNatimukACT

      Hi Vanessa,

      Im not sure if anybody got back to you about your interest in being involved in the RCC project. It is all happening at the moment and there are lots of opportunities to get involved, from shadow puppetry and animation to music and physical performance. What are your interests in particular and perhaps I can put you in touch with the relevant person.



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