2013 Art Pumping Action

Great workshop at the old garage for Art Pumping Action. Pimped scooters, strange bikes, bicycle powered games, and Tangled and Twisted making. Plus lunch.

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Media Release: Art Pumping Action workshops

8 October 2013

Art Pumping Action comes to Natimuk this Saturday 12 October, offering workshops where community members can build the fantastic machines to power games at the Nati Frinj. There will be two free hands-on workshops to join.

Art Pumping Action is a highlight of this year’s Nati Frinj festival (held 1, 2 and 3rd November) and the result of collaboration between Natimuk artist Dave Jones and the Village Festival, funded by VicHealth via its MOTION program, which aims to get people more physically active through art.

Festival goers will be able to create art with a series of bike-driven computer games that combine cutting-edge virtual reality with bicycle power to get pulses pounding.

For fans of more real world experiences (with a taste for the fantastical), there will be a chance to challenge friends to a duel of the ‘monocycling marionettes’.

Natimuk artist Dave Jones said the computer games were designed with the help of the Natimuk Primary students and now just need community members to pitch in and build the bikes to power them.

“These bikes will be fitted out with sensors, generators and lights allowing electricity generated by pedalling to power the game,” he said. “If this sounds exciting to you or you’re interested to learn more about pedal powered electronics, then come along on Saturday, road test the games and help us to construct these awesome machines.”

Alternatively, workshop attendees can create their own bicycle-powered machines.  The finished works will be ready to ride at the Festival with prizes for the best design.

Kate Finnerty, Nati Frinj Festival Director said: “We’ve heard people talk about bicycle powered milkshake makers, coffee grinders, music machines and lawnmowers.

“No doubt your idea is even better than that, so come on down and we’ll help make it happen. If you’ve got something already on the go then bring it along … or just turn up with an idea and we’ll provide the bikes, the bits, the tools and the expertise to make it happen.”

VicHealth CEO Jerril Rechter said: “These people powered festival bikes are a fantastic idea and we’re really looking forward to seeing them in action. Physical activity doesn’t have to be about playing a sport – the idea behind the bikes, and VicHealth’s MOTION program, is to get people moving while they play and create art.”

The APA Project is funded by VicHealth’s MOTION program. It involves partnerships between the Nati Frinj Festival, the Village Festival, VicHealth, Festivals Australia, and local community groups.

WORKSHOP DATE: Saturday 12th October 2013

TIME: 10am to 3pm (lunch provided)
VENUE: the Garage, Main Street Natimuk,

RSVP: natifrinj@hotmail.com| 0400979264

The Nati Frinj Festival takes place 1-3rd Nov 2013. Please contact Frinj Marketing Director Dr Greg Pritchard for more details on: natifrinjmarketing [at] gmail.com