2011 Nati Frinj – Highly Strung

After the 2009 Frinj we had a meeting where we discussed that year’s Frinj and the forthcoming one. Someone suggested that there was a criticism that 2009 had lacked a big gig. Consensus amongst those involved was that this was easy for audiences to say as they did not have to do all the work, and then Dave Jones said that he had an idea…


Highly Strung was a giant puppet hung off the silos and manipulated by YSpace aerialists/puppeteers. It again feature Transience projections and this time a soundscape by Steven Oakes.

PuppetSiloDay PuppetSiloDay2

Other events in 2011 included Kat Pengally’s rock-climbing fashion extravaganza Feeling the Ceiling Feeling the Ceiling, punch main grounp 2011Porcelain Punch, Cousin love poster1Cousin Love 

and many other music, performance and visual art events.

An attempt to move the parade to the lake under the title ‘Whatever Floats Your Boat’ to celebrate the return of the lake was washed out.

Greg Pritchard continued his tradition of art attacks returning from the Riverina with his art trail (designed to be stolen and vandalised) Fable.


Thieves Theatre also sponsored Delays Expected, a national short poem contest where the winners were displayed on an illuminated road sign during the Frinj.

Instead of a large dance party there were a number of smaller events with dancing in the Emporium, and the Rotunda. Damo and his mirror ball head DJing.


And again the Sunday night at the Bowling Club went off.