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We’re Hiring (New GM position)

ACT Natimuk Position Description- General Manager

December 2016

From its roots as an amateur theatre company in 1979, ACT Natimuk has developed into the diverse cultural entity it is today. It operates a vital program of activity with an approach that is two-fold: it supports artists practice and encourages development of work that is unique to Natimuk via the Nati Frinj Biennale (NFB). It also enables work created for Frinj to be further developed through a touring and brokerage model called ‘Made in Natimuk’ (MiN). This model allows Natimuk artists and artists collaborating with Natimuk artists to add value, longevity and replication to creative products developed locally. Products developed and marketed under the ‘Made in Natimuk’ brand are promoted through regional, national and international networks. In addition to MiN and NFB, we have a further five ongoing projects as part of our program that engage our local community including:

Palais de Pixel- 12 month curated local film club
Goatfest- An annual climbing film festival held at Easter
Goat Gallery- A programmed public and visual art program
Partnerships- Collaborations with artist to seek funding and deliver projects ACT Presents- The presentation arm of ACT Natimuk

Applications close Dec 23rd 5pm

Download attached pdf for more information


ACTNatimuk – Home


Welcome to the NEW website of the Arapiles Community Theatre Inc. ACTNatimuk Arapiles Community Theatre (ACT) has an auspicious history as an organisation that has supported performing arts within the Natimuk community for many years. There have been many highly successful musical theatre productions that have resulted in the staging of quality entertainment that has been well supported by the Natimuk populace. ACT has decided to use the name ACTNatimuk to represent the changed nature of the organisation and that over the last 10 years it has extended its vision to support arts in a variety of genres including disciplines such as the dance, visual arts and film. ACTNatimuk provides this support through three platforms: