Nati Frinj

The Nati Frinj is a three day biennial festival drawing on the talents of artists and community support from the small Western Victorian (Wimmera) town of Natimuk. The Nati Frinj is run by ACT Natimuk and a group of dedicated volunteers.

The 2015 Frinj will be on Friday 30th to Monday the 2nd November (<CLICK HERE  or below on image or on menu above for 2015 Frinj).


Program to come.

The Frinj has been running since 2000 and has forged a reputation for making outstanding, innovative and often audacious art. The fact that this festival comes from such a small rural community is even more unusual.

Some Frinj projects, such as Space and Place, Highly Strung and this year’s Art Pumping Action have been (and are) at the forefront of artistic creation in Australia. It showcases the talents of local artists, and invites other artists to come and play.

These projects have demonstrated the broad artistic skills and willingness to collaborate that is a feature of Natimuk’s arts community.

As well a highlight projects, the Frinj program includes the community celebration of The Hay and Thespian Mardi Gras, an extensive music, visual and performing arts program, culinary experiences, subversive art attacks and dancing.

This website has links to previous Frinjs, historical background, and all that’s happening.



10 thoughts on “Nati Frinj

    1. wpAdNatimukACT

      We have had poetry in the past, whole road signs full of it. Im not sure whats happening on the poetry front this year. Hopefully the festival director (who has a handle on this sort of thing) can fill us both in.

      1. Hero

        It’s a participatory festival. Bring your poetry. We can arrange a place to read it :) Last Frinj we also had a reading of Homer Reith’s Wimmera epic in the National Hotel.

        1. Nati Frinj - Kate

          Yup! We will be having poetry. New Zealand poet Tom Weston is coming back to the Frinj for his third appearance. I’m thinking a lazy Sunday afternoon reading in the Emporium venue/bar.
          Hugh Roberts writes, ‘Tom Weston’s poetry is, for me, a visceral experience that I can’t fully explain. As I read it I get a knot in my stomach. One feels in every line the presence of a powerfully alert mind.’
          Let us know if you are keen to bring/read/listen to more poetry.

    1. greg pritchard Post author

      Friday November 1st to 3rd (Cup weekend for Victorians). But if you prefer art to horse-racing then Natimuk is the place to be.

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