ACT Workshops and Masterclasses

ACT Natimuk has at times facilitated workshops for the general and artistic community.

For example, in 2011 The Australia Council paid for three professional artists to visit Natimuk to engage in a critical dialogue with local artists identified as work in similar fields. After some research and discussions Kathryn Gray from the Australia Council and then with Willow Weiland from Aphids (Melbourne) and Nicholas Mills from On Edge festival (Cairns) we identified Jason Maling, Lara Thoms and Cindi Drennan as chosen artists because of their experience in contemporary performance, and hybrid forms (projections etc).

All three came to Natimuk to talk to local artists, and then returned for the Frinj and a discussion of the project.


Jillian and Lara Thoms outside Flowerdale


Jason Maling in a public discussion of his work.


Jason Maling and Mary French


Anthony Pelchen with Lara Thoms

In 2010 Anna Loewendahl and her sister Jemma (Ebony) ran a series of popular work shops for local school children, teaching the basics of theatre, lighting and projection.

In 2009 shadow artists Ken and Rose and Lynne Kent were brought to Natimuk for a workshop. Following this, we received funding for Lynne to return to mentor local artists in shadow work. These artists, Mary French, Jillian Pearce, Natasha Pavlin, Anna Loewendahl, Hannah French and Greg Pritchard then went on to create different projects around the town, giving the Frinj a shadow theme for the year.


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